Review: Cameron (Marumi) DRF14 ring flash

I bought the Cameron DRF14 ring flash for my Canon 40D. Here are my impressions…

It’s an all-plastic affair, rather flimsy. I’ll have to exercise care not to drop or bump this thing.

Installing/uninstalling the ring flash on my camera is a very fussy procedure. First, I have to screw the 52mm-to-58mm adapter ring onto the ring flash attachment (this is to accommodate my Canon EF 100mm f/2.8 macro lens).

Then I screw the ring flash attachment onto the macro lens on my camera. I have to be careful about alignment, making sure the adapter ring fits correctly with the UV filter on the lens.

Finally, I attach the main controlling unit for the ring flash onto the camera hotshoe. I have to tighten the screw wheel sufficiently to ensure proper contact between the controlling unit and the camera.

Uninstalling the ring flash is particularly tricky. When you unscrew the ring flash attachment from the lens, there is a tendency for the adapter ring to stick to the UV filter, thereby removing it as well. Therefore, I prefer not to tighten the adapter ring onto the UV filter, leaving the attachment relatively loose. This is not a problem because there are enough turns available when you screw on the attachment that it won’t come off (at least 2 full turns).

The ring flash is not terribly powerful (about the same as the 40D’s pop-up flash), but it is sufficient for macro photography and it may be usable for fashion shoots, as long as you are fairly close to the subject (about 10 feet).


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