I just came back from the Butterfly Conservatory at Niagara Falls. This was my first major photographic field trip. Here are the results:

This one was my Moby Dick:

I was constantly trying to capture the blue butterflies, but none of them would land and open their wings. Typically, when they land, they fold up their wings, as in this picture where they’re feeding on oranges:

Luckily, I eventually found one butterfly that was obliging. In fact, I took 18 pictures, getting closer and closer and closer to my target. (“Stealth” photography.)

I used all three of my lenses (100mm macro, 70-300mm telephoto, and finally 17-85mm). The telephoto is not a good lens to use because I can’t get up close — within about 5′, the camera won’t even let me take a picture! Frak!

It was very warm inside the conservatory. That’s because I was wearing a jacket and carrying the backpack.

The weather was absolutely gorgeous. Perfect summer day.

The drive down to Niagara was long, about 1.5 hrs. I took a wrong turn and got lost momentarily, but my Garmin GPS saved me.

The drive back was harsh. I could hardly stay awake! And I was *tired*. My right leg was aching, operating the gas and brake pedals. I guess I’m getting too old for long drives…


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