Protective Filters

I’ve been doing some research into protective filters for your lenses. Here’s a fine discussion:

The one comment that sold me on Hoya Standard protective filters was from Gareth Harper:

Mr Volkoff, I’ve never had any problems with the standard Hoya filters. I think they have a single coating on each side and are very good.

Brands of filters I’ve used. Hoya, Kood, Hamma, B+W, Mamiya, Jessops, Lee, Tokina, Tiffen to name a few. Can’t tell the difference between any of them. Probably got just over half of them second hand.

The only coatings I’ve had hassle with are the HMC ones. Despite the premature damage to the outer coatings that two have suffered I still use them, doesn’t seem to have any effect.

Hoods offer very little protection. Minor impact protection at best. Some times in lively situations they can just be a nuisance, hood comes flying off and you have fart about trying to recover it before somebody stands on it.

Another thing I don’t get is this idea that filters degrade the image. I use solid colour filters for b&w work, skylights to warm colour film up a bit, polarisers for saturated colour and to remove reflections and grads at times to control contrast.

So filters can not only protect your precious lens and mean you never ever have to clean that precious front element but they can also enhance your photographs.

I shall continue to use my Hoya Standard filters. I see no need to buy better ones.


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