Photoshop Alternatives

As a Cheap Bastard, I refuse to spend over CAD$800 for Photoshop. This image editing program is way overpriced, extremely bloated, and difficult to learn and use. Only professionals need it. Amateur photographers like myself would do better to look at cheaper alternatives. And since I’m really cheap, I’ll be looking at FREE alternatives.

There are two classes of Photoshop alternatives. The first is desktop apps that run directly on your PC or Mac. I shall be looking at:

  1. Paint.NET
  2. GIMP
  3. PhotoFiltre

The second class is online photo editors such as:

  1. Picnik
  2. FotoFlexer
  3. Splashup
  4. the Aviary suite, esp. Phoenix

I shall evaluate these online apps, as well. There are literally tons of free apps for image editing. It is impossible for me to examine all of them, so I shall limit myself to the above sampling. Stay tuned for my mini-reviews of these software.


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