Field Laptop (Netbook)

I think the Acer Aspire One is the best overall netbook:

(White, because I think black shows smudges more easily.)

No netbook is perfect and compromises are inevitable. I like the Acer because:

  1. it’s fairly light at 1.18 kg
  2. it has decent battery life
  3. it has a good size hard drive (160GB)
  4. it runs Winblows XP (<gag>)

I need Winblows to support the Canon 40D out in the field (for interfacing). The netbook is not for annotating photographs but to download images from the camera, and to access the Internet at cafés and such. I may also write little blogs for later posting (when I have Internet access).

The netbook is also good for previewing photographs. The camera’s 3″ LCD is just plain silly for previewing.

I wish the card reader supported CF but that’s life. Once the hard drive is full of pictures, I can transfer them over wired Ethernet (the fastest method) to my post-production machine, the Core 2 Duo desktop.

The netbook has one other key use: watching movies on my flight down to Nevada (or wherever). Of course, I’d have to load up on movies over wired Ethernet (there’s no DVD drive!).


One Response to “Field Laptop (Netbook)”

  1. I’m having second thoughts about the Acer netbook. Quality of construction is the issue. You get what you pay for.

    So I’m considering the new HP dv2 ultra-portable. It costs more (CAD$700) and it weighs more (3.8 lbs), but it has excellent fit and finish, and a magnesium alloy case.

    But the dv2 runs Windows Vista, a piece o’ shit Operating System if ever there was one. I’m going to hold out for Windows 7, whenever that is released…

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