Screen Protector

Several years ago, I bought a screen protector for my Palm TX. (I had ordered it from Hong Kong for about $12, but never used it.) After I gave the Palm to my brother, I had no use for the screen protector…until now.

I just finished applying it to my Canon 40D’s LCD screen. Very nice!

I had to trim it with an X-Acto knife. With great care and patience, I manage to get it right the first time!

I cleaned the LCD screen with a kleenex and then lens tissue. (The lens tissue tended to give off long fibres, whereas the kleenex tended to give off fine dust particles. I had to blow off any remaining dust/fibres.) After I cleaned the screen, I noticed a very fine scratch on the surface of the glass. I’m pretty sure I didn’t cause it, but it’s just barely noticeable — you have to look very carefully — so I’m not sweating it.

The polycarbonate screen protector seems pretty tough, so out in the field, it should take a fair amount of abuse.

I’m so pleased with myself.


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